2016 Staff Tracker

2016 campaigns are starting to staff up. Where are your friends headed? Who is winning the talent war?

I will try my best this year to keep an up-to-date page on who is getting hired where. If you have campaign staff news, please send it over via the form at the bottom.

Gov. Scott Walker

Our American Revival (website)

  • Ed Goeas
  • Rick Wiley, PAC Executive Director
  • Kirsten Kukowski, Communications Director
  • Matt Mason, Political Director
  • David Polyansky, Iowa
  • Brian Tringali, Polling
  • B.J. Martino, Polling
  • Mark Stephenson, Chief Data Officer
  • Gregg Keller
  • Stephan Thompson, PAC Deputy Executive Director
  • Gary Marxx

Unintimidated PAC (website)

  • Keith Gilkes
  • Stephan Thompson
  • James McCray

Gov. Jeb Bush

Right to Rise PAC

  • Vin Weber
  • Sally Bradshaw
  • Charles Spies (Super PAC)
  • David Kochel
  • Jon Downs
  • Danny Diaz
  • Megan Sowards
  • Matt Gorman
  • Kristy Campbell
  • Tim Miller, Communications
  • Justin Muzinich, Policy

Gov. Chris Christie

Leadership Matters for America

  • Phil Cox
  • Mike DuHaime
  • Maria Comella
  • Ray Washburne, Finance Chairman
  • James Garcia, Political Director
  • Bill Palatucci
  • Cam Henderson, Finance Director
  • Paige Hahn
  • Matt Mowers, New Hampshire
  • Phil Valenziano, Iowa
  • Sam Smith
  • Tom Dickens
  • Hayden Stone

Sen. Rand Paul


  • Doug Stafford
  • Chip Englander
  • AJ Spiker
  • Steve Grubbs, Iowa
  • John Yob, Political Director
  • Chris LaCivita, South Carolina
  • David Chesley, New Hampshire
  • Michael Biundo, New Hampshire
  • Vincent Harris
  • Mike Rothfeld
  • Rex Elsass
  • Rachel Kania

Gov. Bobby Jindal

Believe Again PAC, America Next, Stand Up to Washington PAC

  • Rep. Bob Livingston, Super PAC Chairman
  • Curt Anderson, Chief Strategist
  • Timmy Teepell, Campaign Manager
  • Wes Anderson, Lead Pollster
  • Tim Saler, Deputy Campaign Manager
  • Jill E. Neunaber
  • Gail Gitcho, Senior Adviser
  • Bradley Engle, Digital Director
  • Allee Bautsch Grunewald, Finance Director
  • Heather Sidwell Morris, Legal Counsel
  • Kyle Plotkin, Communications Director
  • Shannon Dirmann, National Press Secretary
  • Henry Goodwin, Deputy Communications Director
  • Matt Parker, National Field Director
  • Taylor Teepell, National Coalitions Director
  • Matt Horihan, Iowa
  • Lindsey McLeod


  • Brad Todd, Senior Adviser
  • Blaise Hazelwood, Data and Analytics
  • Dan Hazelwood, Direct Mail
  • Guy Harrison, Senior Adviser
  • Graham Shafer, Senior Adviser
  • Liz Murray, Fundraiser
  • Jill Neunaber, Adviser
  • Jim McLaughlin, Polling

Sen. Marco Rubio

Reclaim America PAC (website | OpenSecrets)

  • Terry Sullivan
  • Jim Merrill, New Hampshire
  • Alex Conant

Carly Fiorina

Carly for America

  • Steve DeMaura, Executive Director
  • William B. Canfield, General Counsel
  • Greg Mueller
  • Keith Appell
  • Katie Hughes

Ben Carson

USA First (website)

  • Mike Murray, Digital
  • Amy Pass, Finance Director
  • Ryan Rhodes
  • Terry Giles
  • Logan Delany, CFO
  • Steve Rubino
  • Mike Nason
  • Armstrong Williams

Gov. Rick Perry

RickPAC (website)

  • Jeff Miller
  • Rob Johnson
  • Don McGahn, Chief Counsel
  • Margaret Lauderback, National Finance Director
  • Katon Dawson, South Carolina
  • Walter Whetsell
  • Le Frye
  • Jeff Alderman
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Targeted Victory

Sen. Ted Cruz

Cruz for President (website)

  • Jason Johnson
  • Catherine Frazier, Communications
  • Hal Lambert, Finance
  • Lauren Lofstrom, Finance
  • Jason Miller
  • Chris Perkins, Polling
  • Josh Perry, Digital
  • Brian Phillips
  • Jeff Roe
  • Rick Tyler

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