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Heritage Foundation

Heritage Foundation

The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller

Advance Colorado Institute

Advance Colorado Institute




Building Bridges in a Polarized World

EdChoice  |  Education

We are still deeply divided as a people, and, sometimes, when you look around America today, it feels like anarchy has been loosed on the world. Those full of passionate intensity on both sides of the aisle are releasing a blood-dimmed tide that is drowning innocence.

Documents Reveal Senate Democrat Pressured IRS, DOJ to Target Conservative Groups

“If [Sen.] Sheldon Whitehouse had his way, Lois Lerner would just look like a test run,” government watchdog Tom Jones says.

Netanyahu To Form New Conservative Government In Israel

The Daily Caller

‘Israel’s citizens require a stable and functioning government’

Democrat Senator Demands Answer From Elon Musk In Letter, Musk Torches Him In Response

The Daily Wire

Twitter CEO Elon Musk slammed Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) on the platform Sunday after the senator made false statements in a letter to him late last week over the platform selling blue verification badges to paying subscribers. Markey mentioned a report from The Washington Post in his letter where the reporter, with his permission, was able …

Yes on Prop 121; the case for lowering Colorado’s income tax

Complete Colorado  |  Taxes  |  Colorado

The dynamic impact of tax savings in 2023 would be an estimated additional 9,110 jobs.

13 Times Fetterman Advocated For Decriminalizing ALL Drugs  |  Campaigns  |  Pennsylvania

Fetterman can’t defend his record, so he’s resorted to lying about it.


Help Floridians Recover From Hurricane Ian

Help Floridians Recover From Hurricane Ian

In the wake of Hurricane Ian and its devastating impact on Florida, Floridians need help in order to recover and rebuild. Whether it’s donating money, supplies, blood, or your time, anything and everything will make a difference.  The Florida Disaster Fund The Florida...

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