Could global warming be from a … volcano?

Could global warming be from a … volcano?

New research could shed light on the causes of this summer's spike in global temperatures -- and how long they could last. Yikes -- according to this research, we could see elevated temperatures for the next...

Meta begins blocking news on Facebook, Instagram in Canada

Meta begins blocking news on Facebook, Instagram in Canada

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has started blocking news content on its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, in Canada. This action is in response to a new law in Canada that directs Big Tech companies to pay media outlets for news content used on their platforms.

Help Floridians Recover From Hurricane Ian

Help Floridians Recover From Hurricane Ian

In the wake of Hurricane Ian and its devastating impact on Florida, Floridians need help in order to recover and rebuild. Whether it’s donating money, supplies, blood, or your time, anything and everything will make a difference.  The Florida Disaster Fund The Florida...


Post-election analysis of Colorado 2023 school board elections

Ballotpedia  |  Education  |  Colorado

Overall, Republicans won 260 seats, just under 50% of all 523 seats up for election. That total includes 139 uncontested seats, accounting for 53% of all Republican victories statewide.

GOP infighting erupts over rewriting rules to oust speaker

House Republican lawmakers are sniping at one another over whether to keep the rule that allowed eight GOP lawmakers to eject ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the chamber’s top job.

Prop HH to cost each Colorado taxpayer $5K in TABOR refunds over a decade

Taxpayers, and renters in particular, will lose thousands of dollars in TABOR refunds over the next decade if voters approve Proposition HH in November, a study released this week says.

Why should conservatives support Ukraine? Marc Thiessen asked a Populist Leader in Europe

The Washington Post  |  Ukraine

We must stop Russia’s advance in Ukraine now “so that it does not come to pass, as it did in World War I and World War II, that American soldiers have to shed their blood and to lose their lives in Europe to restore peace and liberty to the world.”

Sales-tax holidays are popular, but how effective are they?

GANNETT Syndication Service

Temporary sales-tax holidays offer consumers some savings, but critics say they’re arbitrary and inefficient.

Opinion: Biden just took a stance against the middle class

CNN  |  ESG Investing

President Joe Biden has issued the first veto of his presidency, preserving a Labor Department rule that permits fiduciary retirement fund managers to consider climate change and social criteria when making investments.

Italian PM: European nations turning to “realistic policies” and leaders who don’t force an “ideological approach”

“I think citizens now they understand this difference, and in tough moments they want to be governed by someone who doesn’t follow ideological topics.”

Myth of the Starving Shoplifter

Retail theft in America has grown to a $94 billion epidemic, a staggering 90 percent increase since 2018. Retailers say that the problem gained momentum about a decade ago, when states began decriminalizing low-level shoplifting.

Girls High School Basketball Team Banned From Future Tournaments for Refusing to Compete Against Team With Male Player

A Christian school’s girls basketball team has been banned from competing in future tournaments after forfeiting a game against a team with a male student… Read More

The post Girls High School Basketball Team Banned From Future Tournaments for Refusing to Compete Against Team With Male Player appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Building Bridges in a Polarized World

EdChoice  |  Education

We are still deeply divided as a people, and, sometimes, when you look around America today, it feels like anarchy has been loosed on the world. Those full of passionate intensity on both sides of the aisle are releasing a blood-dimmed tide that is drowning innocence.

Documents Reveal Senate Democrat Pressured IRS, DOJ to Target Conservative Groups

“If [Sen.] Sheldon Whitehouse had his way, Lois Lerner would just look like a test run,” government watchdog Tom Jones says.

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