Taking the Jerry Maguire Route

Taking the Jerry Maguire Route

If you haven’t seen, weren’t born yet, or don’t remember the very popular 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise, then put it on your list. In the movie, Tom Cruise’s character (Jerry Maguire) has an epiphany one night that the best way to achieve happiness and fulfillment is to shift his focus away from more money and fame to less clients, more personal attention.


71% Want Disney to Return to Family-Friendly Entertainment

Rasmussen Reports

While LGBTQ activists are happy with Disney’s gay “inclusion” agenda, most Americans wish the entertainment giant would go back to it’s family-friendly roots.

DEI’s Demise: University of North Florida Closes Divisive Department

The University of North Florida closed its diversity, equity, and inclusion office on Wednesday, but DEI personnel were given new job titles, rather than being fired.

The former chief diversity officer, Richmond Wynn, was not fired, but given a new title—vice president of community engagement and partnerships.

Over 24,000 Migrant Children Released to Unrelated Sponsors

From January 2015 through May 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released tens of thousands of minors who crossed the border illegally to sponsors who weren’t an immediate or distant relative, raising concerns about human trafficking and forced labor.

Lives Cut Short: A Project to Document Child Maltreatment Fatalities

On May 2, AEI hosted the launch of Lives Cut Short, a project of AEI and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) dedicated to documenting child fatalities from maltreatment in the US and understanding the circumstances and policy failures that led to them.

Let’s Stop Romanticizing the Cult of Protest

The current campus demonstrations are a reminder that of all the mossy clichés and puffed-up pieties of polite (and impolite) American discourse, the sanctity of protest is the hardest to question.

Doubting the loftiness of protest invites elite scorn more than any other skepticism about a constitutional right. Proposing limits on free speech, for example, attracts far less outrage. Indeed, people question free speech all the time: in debates about “hate speech,” campaign finance, social media, and more. (Let’s not even get into the fashionableness of questioning Second Amendment rights.)

High Court’s 9-0 Ruling Lowers Bar for Filing Anti-DEI Discrimination Lawsuits

A low-profile case decided Wednesday by the Supreme Court could have big implications for employers’ diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

US employers must accommodate abortions, birth control, agency says


U.S. employers’ obligation to accommodate workers’ pregnancies also extends to abortions and the use of contraception, the U.S. agency that enforces workplace discrimination laws said on Monday.

Denver’s Neighbors Rebel against Open-Arms Approach to Migrants: ‘We Do Not Want That’

In February 2018, Denver city leaders sent a valentine to foreigners interested in relocating to the progressive mountain city and a message to any elected officials looking to stop them.

Journalist Says CBS News Crossed ‘Red Line,’ Calls on Congress to Protect First Amendment

CBS News “crossed a red line” when it seized her reporting records, veteran investigative journalist Catherine Herridge says.

Denver Set to Defund Police, Firefighters to Pay for Illegal Aliens

Colorado’s capital, commonly referred to as a “sanctuary city,” announced Wednesday that it will spend $89.9 million on services for incoming illegal migrants, pulling some funding from roughly $45 million in public programs and services. The Denver Police Department will be hit with a reduction of $8.4 million— about 1.9% of its total operating budget, the city confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Biden’s latest effort makes Project 2025 an imperative for the next Republican Administration

Matthew Hurtt

The Biden administration’s proposed rule to entrench these bureaucrats raises concerns about accountability and the ability of future presidents to enact their policies effectively. In this context, The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 gains immense importance as a strategic response to these challenges.

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