3 Steps to a Culture of Innovation

March 14, 2013

Long-time association executive Dan Varroney has recently launched a blog about association growth through his new firm Potomac Core Consulting, and is using the platform to create some great interviews with prominent association and business leaders. The former president of Speaker Gingrich’s American Solutions, Varroney’s interviews may also contain some ideas for Republican leaders hoping to inject a little innovation into their political culture.

The first video is below, but there’s a three-part series on Potomac Core’s website. They’re pretty quick, only about one minute each.


What do you think?

What are the keys to building a culture of innovation?

6 Keys to Leveraging Micro-Moments

6 Keys to Leveraging Micro-Moments

Republicans are losing micro-moments, and they don’t even realize it. Here’s six keys to reclaiming the moments we need to win to build a governing majority.

“…earn it every day”

“…earn it every day”

The Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, is mostly geared towards corporate marketers, but there’s a lot of great takeaways for political communicators as well.

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