All Of The Political Campaign Software And Apps You Need To Win

November 21, 2023

Candidates seeking elected office need political campaign software to run an effective operation that builds awareness, recruits supporters, and turns out voters. It can seem overwhelming at first having to choose the right technology for a campaign, but if you start by understanding your needs – the challenges to be solved – you’ll be able to build the right tech stack for a modern campaign.

In this article we break down the political campaign software and apps every campaign – from president to school board – needs to have and use to win.

Manage Supporter Relationships With A CRM
Even in the era of social media and smartphones, politics is all about relationships. A customer relationship manager (CRM) platform is the Rolodex of the 21st Century and they’re way smarter. Keep track of your supporters, their donations, your communications with them, and all of their contact details with a political CRM like


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