Daily Report, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

Good afternoon everyone! We are almost over the hump, but to help you the rest of the way we have a few articles of interest. Yesterday we discussed online reputation management and it’s importance. Today we are reiterating that subject with a new poll that says 80% of businesses consider reputational risk a top concern. Next, you probably have a staff that helps write your press releases, emails and content, but they may not be the most skilled writers. We have a great reference guide to writing better press releases that you may want to pass around. Finally, NBC News’ ‘Meet the Press’ is using Facebook to gather questions for senate debates.

Your company’s reputation is not an afterthought: It is obvious from this poll that company’s know their reputation management is important, but are they doing everything they can to protect it? Having a basic PR strategy is not always enough. Making sure your online reputation is managed properly and protected is more important then ever and RootsHQ can help with all of your online needs.

Journalism 101: Everyone can use a writing refresher. Here is a great reminder of the basics of writing a great press release. When it comes to getting your message picked up by the press, your writing style is crucial.

Ask your senator a question via Facebook: ‘Meet the Press’ is using Facebook to gather questions from voters to use in their Senate Debate Series. This is just one more way social media and politics are blending together.

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