Where’s the Real Fix to Our Energy Crisis?

March 23, 2022

The entire world is currently facing an energy crisis. The problem is exacerbated in the United States, where the White House has blocked efforts to increase domestic energy production. Short-term solutions like releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, aren’t sustainable. Sustainable solutions, like more reliance on renewables and electric vehicles, are not short-term — and they create stresses for other parts of the supply chain.

What is the solution available today to reduce the pain at the pump, make the US less dependent on foreign oil, and pave the way for future, more sustainable solutions? According to a new article co-authored by a Democrat and a Republican, there’s one solution to make a difference right now:

“Thanks in large part to domestic production, the United States now has the opportunity to cut all its imports of Russian oil — exercising significant soft power on its petro-economy without entering into a direct conflict in Europe. This capacity is a direct reflection of our domestic supply chain. Harold Hamm, for example, was on the cutting edge of US energy independence, through his pioneering techniques to pry oil out of oil shale, largely in North Dakota.”

The authors have very different backgrounds, but still, see the same solutions:

The Honorable Martin Frost is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Council for a Secure America. He represented Texas’ 24th Congressional District (Dallas-Ft. Worth) for 26 years (1979-2005). He served as chair of the DCCC and the House Democratic Caucus for eight of those years. The Honorable Fred Zeidman is Co-Chairman of the Council for a Secure America. He is the Chairman of the Gordian Group and is the chairman emeritus of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum appointed by President George W. Bush.

The innovation of American energy production cannot be underestimated in this very fragile moment for our planet. Not only does it put the US in a more secure position globally, it gives us a new way to provide economic support to allies, and weaken autocratic regimes like Russia and Venezuela.

American energy independence is a great treasure, empowering us to defend democratic values around the globe. It grants us and our allies the power to stand for freedom and our ideals in the face of regimes who wish to bend us to their wills. Let’s keep producing as much as we can in America, so we maintain that freedom for us and all those who share in the same belief abroad.


Take Action

Learn more about the Council for a Secure America and contact your representatives to encourage them to expand energy production so we can put more pressure on Putin, and create more sustainable energy opportunities for our future.

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