Five Ways to become politically informed and involved in your community

January 5, 2024

Looking to get more informed on political issues but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. Below are just a few suggestions on where to start. There’s more at 

1. Join a Local Political Party or Group:

  • Consider becoming a member of your local political party or group. They often organize events, campaigns, and meetings that allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and learn about local political issues.
  • You can find conservative groups in your area through websites like ours Roots HQ, or through the GOP Action Center.

2. Attend City Council Meetings:

  • Start by attending your city or town council meetings regularly. This will help you stay informed about local issues and become familiar with the decision-making process.
  • Check your local government’s website for meeting schedules and agendas.

3. Volunteer for Conservative Candidates:

  • Support conservative candidates running for local offices by volunteering for their campaigns. This can include door-knocking, making phone calls, and assisting with campaign events.
  • Look for conservative candidates endorsed by your state’s Republican Party. 
  • Not sure who represents you? Use this government tool to find out!

4. Join or Start a Civic Engagement Group:

  • Consider joining or creating a local conservative civic engagement group focused on specific policy issues that matter to you. These groups can be influential in shaping local policies.
  • Look for resources and guidance on organizing such groups from conservative organizations like the Leadership Institute.

5. Volunteer your time on a local board: 

  • The best place to begin is in your own community. Many cities and towns have a plethora of vacancies on Town Boards and Committees. Most of them are appointed, not elected, and you can typically choose the level of involvement that suits your schedule, interest, and comfort level. Visit your city’s official website and look for links to get involved. 
Five Ways to Get Trained in Conservative Politics

Five Ways to Get Trained in Conservative Politics

Maybe you’ve wanted to get involved in politics for years. Maybe you just saw something outrageous on Instagram and finally want to do something about it. RootsHQ is here to help you find the best way to take those first steps to turning your passion into action.

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