Has Social Media Replaced Blogging?

December 16, 2010

Different generations use the internet in different ways. Milliennials access the internet wirelessly to access social media sites, while older generations use the internet more frequently to access government and financial information. All generations now have two things in common when it comes to the internet, they are all using email, but blogging less than last year.

So why the decrease in blogging? Some may say social media is to blame. Social media allows a person to express their thoughts and opinions much like a personal blog, but in a more direct way to readers. Because essentially, all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers are your captive audience so why direct your thoughts elsewhere?

With blogging on the decline and social media on the rise, do you consider one more important to your organization than the other? Do you have an active company blog or do you find that you use social media more often? It’s important to know how your customers’ online behavior so that you can adapt your online efforts accordingly.

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