Herschel Walker on what it means to be a conservative

September 15, 2021

NFL great Herschel Walker is running for the United States Senate from Georgia, and to launch his campaign, he has dropped a new ad that is not only amazing for its cinematic quality (I suddenly have an unexplained urge to do pushups and I hate pushups), but also leaves viewers with a powerful message about politics in America today, and what it means to be a conservative.

The politicians pit American against American, rich versus poor, black versus white, urban versus rural.

I don’t believe in that garbage. It’s a lie.

I’m a conservative not because someone told me to be. I’m a conservative because I believe in smaller government, a strong military, personal responsibility, and making sure all people have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

He’s right — 100%. Politicians who support bigger government have a vested interest in gaining power. They consolidate power not by getting all the voters in their corner, but by getting a coalition of groups of voters in their corner. How do you consolidate a group of voters? It’s sinister: you tell them the other side is coming to take away their rights, freedoms, opportunities, paycheck, kids — something important. And you tell them that you are the only thing standing between them and “the others.”

Walker’s campaign ad blows up the narrative in spectacular, UnderArmor-infused style. Check out the whole ad for yourself and then ask: is he right?

We’ve conquered data. What’s next?

We’ve conquered data. What’s next?

Conservatives have made incredible progress leveraging data and technology to reach the right voters. Now we need to work on creating the right message.

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