Karl Rove Gets It

March 9, 2011

Today we want to point you to an excellent piece by former senior White House advisor Karl Rove that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Rove uses his WSJ column to make the case emphatically that campaigns need to become more focused on using the Internet strategically.

“…in the year ahead, smart campaigns will devote a good deal less money to running 30- second TV ads and a good deal more to using the Internet to organize, persuade, motivate and raise funds.

“The trend toward Internet-centric campaigns is being driven by changes in where people get election information. According to the Pew Research Center, in the last presidential race 26% said they received most of their election news from the Internet, while 28% cited newspapers. In 2012, the Web will likely eclipse newspapers and close in on TV as the principal source of election news.”

This is an important perspective we’ve been preaching for years. The natural extension of Rove’s article is, of course, what resources are available to campaigns to realize a political model that leverages the Internet effectively?

That’s why we go to work every day, and for six years have been working to provide websites, effective online fundraising, social media engagement, and online advertising for political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations. Our broad mission is to make sure every citizen has a voice, and Rove’s article reinforces that we are on the right track.

Read the full column here.

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“…earn it every day”

“…earn it every day”

The Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, is mostly geared towards corporate marketers, but there’s a lot of great takeaways for political communicators as well.

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