Consultants & Vendors

Finding good political consultants and service providers can be a bit like finding a rare diamond, only harder. Friends are always willing to help, and there are a lot of people who might have “Consultant” on their business card. But when the rubber meets the road, you need someone who will be in the foxhole with you and who can get the job done.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly great political service providers who go above and beyond for campaigns, think tanks, and other center-right causes. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Local Agencies

These firms specifically work with down-ballot candidates and local causes. I haven’t worked with all of them directly, but they seem to do great work and come highly recommended.

Digital Agencies

Red Edge

This is a no-joke legit tech shop based inside the Beltway and cranking out solid technical projects for Republican campaigns and conservative causes. Their strength is their robust technical chops, which they put to use by weaving technology into targeted advocacy efforts. They’re taking GOP tech to a whole new level.

Push Digital

Push Digital is the genesis of long-time digital Republican operative Wesley Donahue. They deliver great digital campaigns that are integrated, effective and just look amazing. Their homepage opens with video of the staff working on a ping pong table. Push = git ‘er dun.

Upstream Communications

I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Upstream Communications. A lot like Push Digital, Upstream has a great track record of working with federal campaigns across the country. The are innovative and effective. Their design is amazing but threaded with solid engineering. Good people too.


Founded by GOP digital stalwarts Patrick Ruffini and Mindy Finn, Engage has a long history of leadership in GOP tech circles. They not only run digital campaigns for their clients, they’ve built several apps and products to leverage technology to reach voters. Engage may not be for every campaign or every budget, but when a serious project needs serious firepower, Engage is a serious agency.


A local firm based just outside of Boulder, Colorado, Voltage is a non-political agency, but provides great service for professional political clients (if you expect to get your way by yelling at them, keep moving — they don’t have the time). They are not the low-cost provider but reasonable, and their design is excellent. I can’t emphasis enough how amazing their design is. It’s really, really good. Their roster of clients, which includes Reebok, Chipotle and Crocs, speaks for itself.

Online Advertising


CampaignGrid’s team re-defined digital advertising for political campaigns. With their patented online voter file, Jordan Lieberman and crew can target political ads to households based on their party affiliation or literally hundreds of other criteria. CampaignGrid is the future of political advertising.

Online Fundraising


There are lots of ways to take credit cards online, but Anedot stands out from the rest. With easy to use tools, quick setup, and direct deposits, Anedot has set the bar high. They have the cheapest rates available too. Do yourself a favor — DON’T USE PAYPAL. Use Anedot.


Magellan Strategies

The modern campaign runs on data. And when you need data — from voter files to polling or focus groups — David Flaherty and his team deliver. Quick, accurate, and affordable, Magellan always comes through with the strategic insights needed to reach the right voters with the right message via the right channels.

Public Affairs

CAP Public Affairs

Hiring a public affairs firm is a tricky deal. You don’t even know what they do, until you need them. Then you have to hire them. If it were up to me, I’d hire CAP. They are not the loudest, the biggest or the meanest. They are the smartest, sharpest and most strategic. They do not waste time doing things that don’t work. They are very good. Go ahead and contact them now so that when you do need them, you’ll be ready.

Voter Data Management


i360 is the most comprehensive data and analytics platform available to center-right organizations and candidates. They have consistently grown and improved each election cycle, and there’s a lot to be said for continuity especially in the volatile world of politics. They have invested in the data, analytics and tools to leverage data for effective voter contact. They offer several applications including a web-based dashboard, a walk app for canvassing and a phone app for predictive calling. i360 also has the benefit of being the data system of choice for Americans for Prosperity and dozens of other center-right organizations.

Voter Gravity

This list would not be complete without the startup I helped build, Voter Gravity. In an age where the RNC and AFP both give away canvassing tools for free, you may wonder why you should pay for a big data, mobile canvassing app. Voter Gravity is a unique application that truly gives users 100%, 24/7 complete ownership of their data. Yes, there are other tools that are great for an integrated GOTV effort, but the value of Voter Gravity lies in its robust focus on your data and how to use it more effectively. Not only can you use it to access an up-to-date voter file, also you can manage campaign contacts like donors, media lists, and other supporters.

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