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About Advance Arkansas Institute


The Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization committed to advancing public policy based on free markets, individual liberty, and limited, transparent government.


The Advance Arkansas Institute will:

  • Analyze key bills at the committee and floor levels; alert legislators and others via email/print bulletins about bill merits and demerits with appropriate discussion and commentary, so that legislators and the public will ideally be fully informed about the consequences of relevant government actions.
  • Similarly, alert activists, legislators, journalists, public officials, and other citizens with frequent and brief bulletins (or in some cases, longer analyses) that explain legislative activities.
  • Produce proposals that can be drafted and filed by legislators, as well as appropriate discussion and commentary on these proposals.
  • Provide testimony at legislative committee hearings on bills that are especially consistent or inconsistent with the Institute’s mission, either directly or via recruitment of experts.
  • Speak to the media as a source of knowledgeable, nonpartisan commentary on public policy.
  • More generally, coordinate other activities that inform the public about the virtues of limited and constitutional government, individual freedom, and a free society.


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