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Mission Statement

It is the Cardinal Institute’s mission to remove barriers to opportunity for West Virginians and promote a limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility


The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, Inc. (Cardinal Institute) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in September 2014 dedicated to research, develop and communicate effective conservative economic public policies in West Virginia The Cardinal Institute is positioned to be a leading voice of free market and conservative policy research in Charleston and throughout the state.

Through an effective research and communications, we will provide the necessary data and analysis to lay the groundwork as we enter a new chapter in our state’s history.

Year Founded



In Forgotten America, the Cardinal Institute diagnoses the unique challenges faced by rural America and unpacks the solutions to those challenges. This is a podcast about the many places that get flown over, driven past, and completely forgotten by all but the people who call these places home. Subscribe on Listen Notes, Spotify, RadioPublic, or Apple Podcasts.

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