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Christ Cares Ministries is a Christ-Centered, not-for-profit ministry that began in 2011 as Christ Cares Clinic, a state licensed primary care clinic offering primary care to uninsured individuals and families in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. In 2016, in response to changing needs in the community, it reformed as Christ cares ministries, offering a variety of support groups and outreach ministries to assist individuals during difficult seasons of life. These include Cancer Support Ministry, Caregiver Support and Parents of Addicted Loved Ones Groups, Christ Cares for Kids, a social ministry outreach that serves an average of 70 families per week, and youth higher education and adult Mental Health First Aid classes. In the first year and a half of offering Mental Health First Aid classes, over 800 individuals in three states have been trained and equipped with these life- affirming and life-saving skills.

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