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About ConservAmerica

Established in 1995, ConservAmerica is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of sound environmental and conservation policy. As Americans, we share a common interest in protecting our shared legacy – the environment. We believe in the protection and preservation of our national heritage through sound public policy that leverages private investment, embraces local solutions, and spurs innovation. Conservation that protects the environment and the economy is a bipartisan endeavor. Some call these principles “conservative.” We call them “common sense.”

ConservAmerica is committed to working with policymakers and stakeholders to build consensus around policies that can endure for generations, not just a single administration or Congress. To echo President Ronald Reagan, it is “our great moral responsibility” to protect our shared environment for future generations.

We did not arrive at this place in history alone. We are standing on the shoulders of previous generations whose wisdom and forbearance delivered our current bounty and we are duty bound to pass it on unspoiled.

We do not think of ourselves as “environmentalist” because caring for the world around us is something we do every day.

A personal connection to nature is fundamental to our happiness, well-being and development. To quote the late Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska: “Get outside and play.”

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