Social Media Metrics for the Third Presidential Debate

October 23, 2012

The 2012 presidential debates are over, and regardless of who wins the election, social media has made an impact. Here are some interesting metrics about the final 2012 presidential debate as compiled by Politico:

TOP DEBATE GOOGLE SEARCHES: Overall: 1. horses and bayonets 2. syria 3. mali 4. drones 5. Tumult. For Obama: 1. obama’s apology tour 2. obama bin laden 3. obama 2008 4. horses and bayonets 5. pink bracelet. For Romney: 1. auto bailout 2. what is on romney’s flag pin 3. budget plan 4. what kind of car does mitt romney drive 5. mitt romney governor

TWITTER: More than 6.5 million tweets were sent during the debate, the least of all three presidential debates but more than the vice-presidential debate. Top peak tweet moments: 105,767 tweets per minute for Obama’s “horses and bayonets” comment and 102,339 tweets per minute for Schieffer’s “I think we all love teachers.”

FACEBOOK: “For Obama, ‘horses and bayonets’ seems to be the catchphrase of the night along with ‘whopper’ … For Romney, a couple of quips generated buzz on Facebook, including ‘I’m still speaking.'” Top 15 debate related mentions:

How do you think a candidate — any candidate — should define success when using social media?

Update: Here are some additional numbers from Facebook. Since the debate Monday evening:

Mitt Romney is up over 514,000 Likes

Barack Obama is up just 224,000 Likes

Paul Ryan is up over 203,000 Likes

VP Joe Biden is up just 14,123 Likes

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