ESG Investing

What’s ESG all about?

Large corporate interests are increasingly pushing a new business model based on “environmental, social, and governance” — or ESG. Beyond being good corporate stewards for shareholders and employees, the ESG philosophy bullies companies into believing that they must pour resources into community programs, reducing profits and slowing growth.

For over 100 years, the rise of free enterprise, free market systems has reduced poverty for millions of people. Now, the same liberal activists who riot in our streets are telling corporate leaders that they must put their resources to work for “social good”. Take a wild guess who profits from “social good” programs — yep, liberal activists.

What are my options?

Unfortunately, Wall Street is very caught up in ESG right now. One investment firm in particular, Black Rock, leverages their proxy votes for pension funds to force corporations to adopt more liberal policies.

While there are not many options, there are good ones. 2ndVote Advisers, an off-shoot of the popular website, offers a number of investment funds and indexes that remove companies that have gone astray and are putting politics ahead of shareholders and employees.

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