Over 24,000 Migrant Children Released to Unrelated Sponsors

From January 2015 through May 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released tens of thousands of minors who crossed the border illegally to sponsors who weren’t an immediate or distant relative, raising concerns about human trafficking and forced labor.

$20 billion payday: Biden’s border surge sends smuggling prices soaring

The migrant smuggling economy at the U.S.-Mexico border now tops $20 billion and the cartels have made at least $2.6 billion in profit over the past 12 months just from controlling the routes illegal immigrants use, according to a Washington Times analysis.

Angry Wives of Border Patrol Agents Have Had Enough of Biden’s Policy, Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

All three Hispanic women, all married to Border Patrol agents, are running as Republicans in border districts against Democrats who have, to varying extents, enabled the administration’s lax border policies.

Victor Davis Hanson: Martha’s Meltdown Model

“Oddly, the Left became unhinged when red-state governors — whose states the last two years were flooded with some 3 million people who entered the country illegally — finally decided to spread welcoming chores among affluent blue-state communities.”

Border Patrol Increasingly Encounters People On Terror Watchlist, Data Shows

Daily Caller

No such encounters were recorded in FY2019

Can’t make this up: NYC threatening “legal action” after Texas sends bus loads of (checks notes) illegal aliens to the Big Apple

Fox News

Abbott has said Texas will continue sending buses of migrants to sanctuary cities like New York City, Washington, D.C. and Chicago until the federal government secures the southern border.


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