Once Again, Jones Act Preventing Desperately Needed Life-Saving Relief

Washington Post

Because the ship is not U.S.-owned, it has been idling off the island’s coast, awaiting a decision by the Biden administration on waiving the Jones Act, a century-old law backed by labor unions…

CPAC asks House Republicans for pledge not to meet with ‘woke’ corporations

“The Conservative Political Action Coalition is urging House Republicans to not meet with any corporations that have gone ‘woke’ and have targeted the conservative movement.”

Rick Santorum: Joe Biden’s FTC Is Out of Control


It should come as no surprise that under this administration one of the most vital “independent” agencies is being led by an avowed leftist ideologue…

A $12,000 Haircut

The Dispatch

Occupational licensing requirements are keeping a Syrian refugee from his chosen profession.

Montanans Finally Getting Red Tape Relief

After decades of a “government cures all” philosophy, this is the first sign that the ship of state government is beginning to turn, and power is being returned to Montanans to control their own destiny.


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