Cindy Hyde-Smith Raises Concern About The Risk To First Amendment Rights Under The DISCLOSE Act

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“The DISCLOSE Act is the first ever legislation to require disclosure for grassroots lobbying efforts … a similar attempt to do this was tried in the 1970s and it generated a huge amount of opposition across the political spectrum. If people understood that today … a lot of groups would emerge and say ‘Look, we are in favor of disclosure for actual campaigning, for or against a candidate and [what] we are not in favor of here is [disclosure for nonprofit groups] advocating on important public issues.’ Whether on the left of the right, there are going to be causes that are minority viewpoints where people are simply not going to be willing to write a check or make a donation to support an unpopular cause… If this bill becomes law, over time … it will make it difficult for minority viewpoints to appeal to our fellow Americans….”

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