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Did you know that having a well designed website gives your campaign credibility with voters? Recent surveys say that anywhere from 75% to 97% of consumers go online to gather product and company information before deciding which business to choose. These numbers are staggering and should change the way you view the importance of an online presence.

We’ve discussed before how important your online presence is, and now you know that your potential supporters are judging your business by its website before they ever contact your campaign directly. Having a website that sets you apart from your competition is critical for building support. A website that is well designed, focused and user friendly can build brand credibility for your prospective supporters.

Website design that is messy, unorganized or just simply unappealing could cause a prospective supporter to go with your competitor. So what makes a website visually appealing? Having a logo that is prominently placed on your homepage will allow the viewer to automatically connect with your brand. The organization and color scheme of your website are also very important. If your website is lacking one or all of these attributes, you campaign may be suffering because of it.

Even if your campaign’s website has been up for 5 years, it’s not too late to get an online makeover. Website redesigns are done everyday and campaigns build support because of it. Maybe your website only needs a few tweaks, but it never hurts to keep updating and adding new features.

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