Update: Russian and Ukrainian negotiators are back at the table

March 24, 2022

As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, one question is on everyone’s minds… Will Russia give peace a chance?

Yesterday’s negotiations between Ukraine and Russia resulted in little to no progress on any peace agreements.

Tuesday’s talks will be the first in-person since an acrimonious meeting between foreign ministers on March 10, a sign of shifts behind the scenes as Russia’s invasion has stalled and sanctions have hit home.

However, Russia continues to expand its territory within Ukraine, concentrating on eastern Ukraine.

When the sides last met in person, Ukraine accused Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov of ignoring pleas to discuss a ceasefire, while Lavrov said a halt to fighting was not even on the agenda.

Since then, they have held talks via video link and publicly discussed a formula under which Ukraine might accept some kind of formal neutral status.

Ukraine has not budged over Russia’s territorial demands. Therefore, peace negotiations are expected to last for weeks as Russia continues to invade Ukraine.


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