You’ve got to sell the “Like” when it comes to your Facebook Page

October 27, 2010

It may be easier than you think to understand your supporters when it comes to their Facebook behavior. For example, how many times have you revisited a site after you “Liked” the page? Chances are, you never went back. This could be the case for most of your Facebook page fans. In fact, a Facebook fan page consultancy found that 99.5% of your fans never come back to your page. They get information from your fan page via their newsfeed. So this means that if you are able to get visitors to your fan page, but you can’t get them to “Like” your page, they will more than likely never receive information from you on Facebook.

So the bottom line is you must sell the “Like”. An easy and cost effective way to do this is by creating a custom landing tab for your Facebook page. We have 3 applications to help you create your very own Facebook landing tab.

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