Weekend Reads

By Allen Fuller
5 common social media mistakes. Digital stats & analytics. SEO for video. A good reason not to use text messages. It's the weekend reads for March 30, 2013.

Happy Easter! Safe travels to everyone on the road for Easter or spring break.

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Weekend Reads for March 30, 2013

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

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Social Media:

5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media ow.ly/jA3L8RootsHQ
14 minutes: the average time spent globally by people on Facebook daily. More facts about the state of digital media: ow.ly/jv0VwAllen Fuller
Twitter opinion vs. public opinion: sometimes more liberal, sometimes more conservative, always more snarky pewresearch.org/2013/03/04/twi…davidfrum
New Study Confirms Correlation Between Twitter and TV Ratings ow.ly/jm4d0Allen Fuller
Everything You Need to Know About the New Pinterest ow.ly/jm3Y7Allen Fuller


Optimizing Videos for Search: A Complete Guide ow.ly/jzDTgRootsHQ


What’s the best time of day to send an email? ow.ly/jyyAeAllen Fuller


"Don’t divorce mobile from social or content; these need to orbit together" – insights from @rgriffin & @talk2chia bit.ly/10iK9L3Digitas
Was pretty upset about the shutdown of Google Reader until I found @feedly. It’s simply amazing… ow.ly/jyjnoAllen Fuller


comScore Formally Debuts Multi-Platform Ratings ow.ly/jrdq5Allen Fuller
Google expected to unify chat under the name Babble ow.ly/jm4i2Allen Fuller


Want to reach youth voters? Here’s 4 Ways Mental Floss Won Millennials ow.ly/jqxAZAllen Fuller
RT @emarketer: Among Hispanics, who’s leading digital adoption trends? ow.ly/joXNoAllen Fuller
Why campaigns should not use text messages: Only 9% of US consumers trust text messages from brands ow.ly/joFdcAllen Fuller

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