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April 13, 2013

Yes, Weekend Reads took the weekend off last week. But we’re back! What else are you reading?

Weekend Reads for April 13, 2013

RNC Winter Meeting wraps up. NRCC is pushing out great work. What else is going on?

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.@2ndVote app lets shoppers vote with their wallet ow.ly/jVQvCRootsHQ
A great Q&A on mobile… Inside Citi’s Mobile Strategy ow.ly/jD5OiRootsHQ


Want to target minivan drivers? No problem. Facebook adds third-party audience segments for ad targeting. adweek.it/10Vbi8GAdweek
Facebook to see 3 in 10 mobile display dollars in 2013. Read the full US mobile ad spend forecast here: ow.ly/jIb6teMarketer
Data Accuracy Vital To Improve Online Advertising: If the online data isn’t good, than ads fail to connect… bit.ly/13RS3BIMediaPost
New eMarketer forecast: US TV vs Digital Ad Spending, 2011-2017 – ow.ly/jHIOJeMarketer
Do Not Track legislation is poised to make a big comeback this Congress. adweek.it/Z4FhuXAdweek

Social Media:

Fortune’s latest cover: The second coming of Facebook. Inside story of Zuckerberg’s re-education on mobile. $FB cnnmon.ie/10O2CPXFortune Magazine
The Evolution of eBay’s Social Strategy ow.ly/jWL7CAllen Fuller
What the President’s Google+ page tells us about the networkWhat the President’s Google+ page tells us about the network President Barack Obama’s team is very active on social media. The Facebook p…
Study says Facebook users addicted to mobile ow.ly/jDdbIAllen Fuller
Politicians need to be on Reddit you say? Here’s 15 facts you should know about Reddit ow.ly/jD152RootsHQ


"And then there’s TV, which Americans watch 4.2 hours per day – virtually unchanged since 2008…" trib.al/0xY0vne by @tariksedDigiday


Social Components Boost Email Campaigns ow.ly/jDd68Allen Fuller
23 Tweetable Stats on Email Marketing Tactics and Trends | Business 2 CommunityEmail Still Isn’t Dead! There were 1.3 billion Google search results for the phrase "email is dead" when I sat down to write this. Even t…


Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret?Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the website BuzzFeed-though this is increasingly unlikely, as it’s currently enjoying a viral moment. The…


Welcome to the Era of the Data-Driven Programmer adage.com/u/EWaEqaAd Age


As the @NRCC prepares to launch a massive redesign, here’s 3 things they are doing right with digital: ow.ly/jKdhgRootsHQ
#RNC announced @mattpinnell, a former American Majority ED, as State Party Director. Very solid move. bit.ly/17qQSrU #majority #tcotNed Ryun
Obama’s top-down grassroots army ow.ly/jOnuW (via @Politico)Allen Fuller
From McKinsey: Five routes to more innovative problem solving ow.ly/jDjTgAllen Fuller

Just for Fun:

After Election, Political Tech Pros Find Jobs on Mad Ave., in Silicon Valley adage.com/u/tzgUNbAd Age

Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

Using data to get creative. Google launches Keep after killing Reader. A cheat sheet for Author Rank. Who is Organizing for Action hiring? Here’s a few weekend reads for March 22, 2013.

Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

R.I.P. Google Reader. How about Google Hangouts? Rand Paul and Twitter reinvent the Filibuster. Here’s a few weekend reads for March 16, 2013.

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