Congrats to the Top 50 in Digital Politics

February 21, 2013

Business Insider publishes lists all day long. This one, however, happens to focus on our little corner of the world — digital politics.

For all of the talk about the GOP’s struggles with technology, several people have stood out and persevered through it all. Congratulations to all of the conservative leaders who made this list!

The conservatives on the Business Insider list are:

  • Patrick Ruffini, Founder, Engage
  • Matt Lira, Senior Advisor, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
  • Nick Schaper, Senior Vice President, Engage
  • Matthew Gagnon, Director of Digital Strategy, Republican Governors Association
  • Cyrus Krohn, Co-founder, Crowdverb
  • Bob Ellsworth, Chief Technology Officer, Crowdverb
  • Mindy Finn, Politics and Advocacy, Twitter
  • Katie Harbath, Associate Manager for Policy, Facebook DC
  • Vincent Harris, CEO of Harris Media
  • Liz Mair, Founder, Mair Strategies
  • Gerrit Lansing, Digital Director, National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Tim Cameron, Social Media Director, House Republican Conference
  • Brittany Cohan, Deputy Communications Director, Citizens United
  • Matt DeLuca, GOP Digital Strategist
  • Tabitha Hale, New Media Director, Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity
  • Glenn Beck, The Blaze/The Blaze TV
  • Emily Zanotti, Blogger, NakedDC
  • Erick Erickson, Editor, RedState
  • Matthew Dybwad, Digital/Media Partner, CRAFT
  • Matt Drudge, Founder, The Drudge Report

So who did not make the list? Michael Turk and Todd Herman come to mind immediately, both having served as past eCampaign Directors of the RNC. Michael Palmer, the former digital director for the McCain campaign and now with data firm i-360, is another who should have made the list. Ned Ryun, the founder and president of American Majority, has made social media a central part of AM’s training sessions, making digital a priority for thousands of grassroots activists and candidates. Erik Telford with the Franklin Center, formerly of AFP, has been a huge leader in getting grassroots activists plugged into digital media, having started the Right Online conference and AFP’s digital focus that has led the organization to grow successfully.

What other GOP digital leaders should have made the list?

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