Organization Hightlight: 2ndVote

July 21, 2022

RootsHQ is all about connecting you with organizations where you can get involved and DO something about the issues you care about.

And nothing has more impact than the dollars you spend every day on (increasingly expensive) goods and services. Do you know how much money the brands you support give to political groups who are working against you? It’s a big number, and a big problem.

Enter 2ndVote.

2ndVote was founded to help us consumers understand which brands are actively supporting causes that undermine America’s founding principles. From their website you can see which retailers, service providers, clothing brands, and coffee shops give to Left-wing groups so that you can choose to vote with your wallets.

They also show you the opposite — those brands taking a stand against the crazy world we find ourselves in today. Need a cell phone? Choose Patriot Mobile or Charity Mobile, not T-Mobile or AT&T (ugh… time to switch).

The point is, big corporations are pooling our dollars when we shop with them and handing that money over to liberal non-profits, who in turn then go and advocate for policies that drive up prices.

Don’t shop blind. Vote with your wallet. Support the good companies who are standing in the gap to protect the American Dream.

Learn more about 2ndVote on their RootsHQ profile, or visit their website at

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