Lincoln Network opens applications for Policy Hackers

July 19, 2022

Lincoln Network is excited to open applications for the Policy Hackers Fellowship. Policy Hackers is a nonresident fellowship program for tech professionals interested in building expertise in the theory and practice of public policy. The curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of policy entrepreneurship and innovation policy to busy professionals.

Programming will include opportunities to meet and learn from top lobbyists, scholars, public relations specialists, and government policymakers. Discussions will cover areas such as principles for the regulation of emerging technologies; how to work with think tanks, trade associations, and public affairs firms; how to influence legislative, judicial, and regulatory processes; and more.

Programming includes an October kick-off in Miami, a March summit in Washington, D.C., and monthly virtual seminars with experts and policymakers. Readings will include authors such as Virginia Postrel, Jeffrey Birnbaum, Robert Caro, Neil Postman, Marshall McLuhan, Marc Andreessen, Rick Perlstein, J. Storrs Hall, Bradley Tusk, Katherine Boyle, Deirdre McCloskey, Tyler Cowen, and Cory Doctorow.

Applications are open now through September 1, 2022.

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