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About Americans for Prosperity

Our Mission

Americans for Prosperity is dedicated to the belief that every person has a unique set of gifts and the ability to contribute to society in their own way, an idea that has inspired progress since our country’s founding.

Driven by this belief, Americans for Prosperity engages in broad-based grassroots outreach to advocate for long-term solutions to the country’s biggest problems that prevent people from realizing their incredible potential — unsustainable government spending and debt, a broken immigration system, a rigged economy, and a host of other issues you can explore.

American for Prosperity activists engage friends and neighbors on key issues and encourage them to take an active role in advancing a free and open society, where every person can realize their American dream. We recruit and unite concerned individuals in all 50 states to advance policies that will help people improve their lives.

Our Story

A letter from Americans for Prosperity President and CEO Emily Seidel

Since our founding in 2004, Americans for Prosperity has been driven by a core belief: every person has unique gifts that enable them to realize their American Dream.

Our vision is to remove the barriers preventing people from using those gifts and achieving that dream. That’s why Americans for Prosperity built a grassroots movement across the nation. Our infrastructure now elevates the voices of millions of people to advocate the principles and policies of a free and open society.

From Miami, Florida, to Anchorage, Alaska and from Phoenix, Arizona, to Columbus, Ohio – millions of our fellow Americans volunteer their time and passion to join with us to bring change, hope, and a better way forward.

This vision and these grassroots activists have always been — and will always be — at the center of our efforts.

In response to big spending policies enacted by both parties, we focused our early activity on advancing economic freedom and limiting government to its most productive role so prosperity could flourish for every American. Over time, we saw additional barriers harming people’s freedom and opportunity, and have broadened our portfolio of issues accordingly.

Today, we’ve brought together successful nonpartisan coalitions to achieve what others said couldn’t be done in areas such as health care, criminal justice, and are working to do the same on immigration reform and irresponsible government spending, while remaining committed to the issues that gave us our start, such as tax reform and reforming unnecessary and burdensome regulations.

The same foundational belief in people guides our actions across all these diverse public policies – and motivates our team to dedicate our lives to this work.

It’s tempting to look at the challenges facing our nation and feel overwhelmed – like one person can’t make a difference, or that we’re too divided to find a way forward. Americans for Prosperity exists to overcome those obstacles and unite people behind solutions.

So join us and the millions of voices across the country, united by the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence, who are committed to empowering every American to realize their American Dream and move our country forward together.

Emily Seidel
President and CEO, Americans for Prosperity

The Principles of Empowerment

Throughout history, certain principles have helped make societies more prosperous while enabling unprecedented human progress. At Americans for Prosperity, all our efforts are built on:

Empowering people to realize their unique potential. Everyone has a gift – let’s help them discover and develop it.

Equal rights and respecting the dignity of every person. Everyone has the potential to contribute in society if they have the right mindset and material support.

Openness to people, ideas, goods, and services. We all benefit when we embrace differences and expand inclusion.

People succeeding by helping others improve their lives. Let’s find win-win solutions that truly help every person rise.

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