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Florida Issues Forceful Threat Against ‘Credit Card Companies Who Target the 2nd Amendment’

“Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis is responding to the decision some credit card companies have made to use a special sales code for gun and ammunition sales.”

Florida petitions Supreme Court in fight with big tech over social media access rules

“Florida is urging the Supreme Court to intervene in the state’s dispute with Big Tech companies over how social media platforms may restrict or bar people and content online, teeing up a major legal battle over free speech rights in the digital age.”

Highlighting reckless government spending in Florida

In August, AFP served 12,370 gallons of discounted gas to more than 1,000 drivers, all to highlight how Washington’s wasteful spending is driving up prices.

Why entrepreneurs are moving to Florida and Texas

“About 3% of families move to different states each year in search of nicer climates, lower living costs, and other advantages.”

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