How Important Are Minimum Wage Increases in Increasing the Wages of Minimum Wage Workers?

It is easy to overstate the minimum wage’s relevance as a source of low‐​wage workers’ wage gains.

Do States Need Income Taxes?

“State and local governments raised $1.9 trillion in taxes in 2020.”

Why entrepreneurs are moving to Florida and Texas

“About 3% of families move to different states each year in search of nicer climates, lower living costs, and other advantages.”

‘The Myth Of American Income Inequality’: The Federal Government Drastically Overestimates Earnings Disparity, Study Says

“The federal government drastically overestimates income inequality in the United States by failing to account for certain welfare programs and income taxes on the wealthiest earners, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Cato Institute.”

How Can Small Businesses Prosper? Job Creators Network Has a Plan

“Small-business owners and congressmen have unveiled an eight-point plan to guide lawmakers in creating conditions for small American businesses to prosper.”

Report shows 31 states and D.C. still have fewer jobs than 2019

“While the nation has recovered its overall job losses from the pandemic, a new report finds that 31 states and the District of Columbia still have fewer jobs than in 2019.”


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