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Good afternoon everyone. The holidays are right around the corner and for some of you making a year-end fundraising push, this is your busiest time of year. So how do you plan on connecting with your supporters? We have some great ideas that will help. Also, see how dentists are using social media to ease your fear of your annual visit. Finally, if your organization¬†is using Foursquare you may offer specials to loyal customers that become the “mayor” of your location. But, what happens when those “mayors” are cheating to gain that title?

Connect with holiday consumers: The holiday season is almost here and you need to ramp up your social media and online advertising strategies today. If you are having trouble planning the best way to connect to supporters, this article may be of assistance.

Social media helps ease your fear of the dentist: See how dentists are growing their businesses and easing your fear of your next cleaning with the help of social media and online advertising.

Getting rid of Foursquare cheaters: Foursquare is now allowing you, the business owner, to oust cheating mayors.

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