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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the work week! It seems like everyone is going ‘mobile’ these days. Everyone has an ‘app for that’. If your organization has ever considered creating a mobile application we can show you how. Also, you need to understand the importance of your Facebook page and how your supporters are using it and interacting with you. Finally, Goodwill created a social media campaign that is worth taking note.

Do you have an app for that?: Some people think that social media and all of it’s components are only beneficial to big corporations. But, that could not be further from the truth. Learn how to create a mobile application for your small business.

How important is your Facebook page?: You created a Facebook page for your business to help build your online brand presence as part of your social media strategy. But do you know how often your page fans are checking it or how they are getting to your page to begin with? See how important your brand page really is.

Goodwill did a good thing with social media: Everyone knows non-profits work off of a very limited budget, even some small businesses can relate to these budget constraints. See how Goodwill’s social media strategy was profitable on an almost non-existent budget.

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