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Once your business has created an online presence by building a website, your next step should be considering a mobile presence. The popularity of smart phones is not going any where, so businesses must adapt to the need for on-the-go information from their customers. Creating a mobile website for your business will make the experience of viewing your website from a mobile device more enjoyable for your customers.

Creating a mobile website for your business is a great way to get your feet wet in the mobile game. The cost is relatively lower than creating a mobile app, so your business can start creating a mobile presence without reaching too deep in it’s pockets. Your customers will become aware of your mobile presence, which will help when your business builds a mobile app. 

While a mobile app can offer numerous features, your mobile website can offer features as well. A mobile website can offer ecommerce to your customers making it easy for them to pay an invoice or purchase services and products without having to be on their laptop. You can also create mobile-friendly content for your mobile site. Only including certain content from your original website or creating content specifically for your mobile site will give the user a more customized experience. A mobile website can target a new kind of customer all together.

A small business can truly benefit from building a mobile website. Going mobile can set your business apart from the rest. You are opening up a new way to connect with your customers. The statistics don’t lie. With an estimated 75 millions Americans accessing the web through mobile devices, your business can not afford to miss out on a mobile opportunity.

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