What has happened to education in the United States?

It’s a simple premise: every child should have the opportunity to attend a school where he or she can thrive.

However, there are a lot of competing interests that stand in the way of achieving that goal.

Public schools receive taxpayer funding to educate children through elementary, middle, and high school. As with any large system, over time different interests have corrupted the mission.


Dems Plan Resolution To Keep Explicit Books In Schools

House and Senate Democrats have begun to prepare a resolution aimed at blocking book bans by parents who wish to have a say in their child’s education.

School Districts Can Implement Mask Mandates, Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules

Daily Caller  |  Oklahoma

“Gov. Stitt was pushing to keep schools open”

Protecting the Education Disruptors

Proponents go on offense to challenge charter school rules, while “The Blob” continues its march to reinstate the status quo. What a week!

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