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A legislative assault on Colorado school safety

For the past 20 years, Colorado’s K-12 schools have had an affordable option to protect their children. School boards have been able to authorize selected employees as an armed security team. These security team members have had background checks, been vetted, been trained, have passed qualification tests on par with those tests given to law enforcement, and have been on campuses throughout the state with zero problems since their inception.

Post-election analysis of Colorado 2023 school board elections

Ballotpedia Education Colorado

Overall, Republicans won 260 seats, just under 50% of all 523 seats up for election. That total includes 139 uncontested seats, accounting for 53% of all Republican victories statewide.

Prop HH to cost each Colorado taxpayer $5K in TABOR refunds over a decade

Taxpayers, and renters in particular, will lose thousands of dollars in TABOR refunds over the next decade if voters approve Proposition HH in November, a study released this week says.

Yes on Prop 121; the case for lowering Colorado’s income tax

Complete Colorado Taxes Colorado

The dynamic impact of tax savings in 2023 would be an estimated additional 9,110 jobs.

Where did the water go?

Dig deep enough, and you’ll find that virtually everything is about public policy in some form. Nowhere is that truer than in the realm of water.

Midterm Elections: 5 Ballot Measures to Watch

As the 2022 midterm elections quickly approach, State Policy Network outlines five state ballot measures to watch.

Colorado accidentally sent voter registration notices to 30,000 residents who are not citizens

Colorado Public Radio Election Integrity Colorado

The state said it will take additional steps to make sure none of the non-citizens register to vote.

Oil and gas leases throughout Colorado could be impacted by court ruling

“A Colorado Supreme Court case could invalidate oil and gas leases statewide if the justices side with Boulder County in interpreting state property law, lawyers for a company seeking to drill wells in the county argued Tuesday.”

GOP office attacked in Colorado

Campfire Colorado Colorado Larimer

Yesterday in Fort Collins, left wing extremists struck again when they attacked the Larimer Country GOP’s office by breaking the front window with a rock. No Colorado Democrat has condemned the attack.

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