Prop HH to cost each Colorado taxpayer $5K in TABOR refunds over a decade

Taxpayers, and renters in particular, will lose thousands of dollars in TABOR refunds over the next decade if voters approve Proposition HH in November, a study released this week says.

Yes on Prop 121; the case for lowering Colorado’s income tax

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The dynamic impact of tax savings in 2023 would be an estimated additional 9,110 jobs.

Midterm Elections: 5 Ballot Measures to Watch

As the 2022 midterm elections quickly approach, State Policy Network outlines five state ballot measures to watch.

Lawmakers Should Avoid Temporary and Retroactive Tax Policy

In this year’s extenders package, lawmakers are likely to address two tax provisions related to the treatment of business investment. They should avoid making these policies temporary and retroactive.

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Tyreek Hill’s Tax Liability with Every NFL Franchise

When NFL star wide receiver Tyreek Hill weighed offers from the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins, no doubt there was a lot on his mind. But one consideration towered over the rest, at least according to Hill himself: signing with the Jets “was very close to happening,” but “those state taxes man. I had to make a grown-up decision.”


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