RNC gets ready to remodel

RNC gets ready to remodel

The RNC is set to undergo a major overhaul that will re-focus the committee’s operations around digital, data, and technology. Will it be enough?

Conservative geeks moving ahead

Conservative geeks moving ahead

A group of conservatives are coming out of the shadows in Silicon Valley, stepping up and getting organized to “save the party from the clutches of tech-phobic leaders.”

Simplifying the Voter’s Life

The key to Obama’s win was not that they had better technology, it was that they made digital and technology a priority then integrated it into their core decision-making.

Karl Rove Gets It

Today we want to point you to an excellent piece by former senior White House advisor Karl Rove that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Rove uses his WSJ column to make the case emphatically that campaigns need to become more focused on using the Internet...

Web Credibility is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that having a well designed website gives your campaign credibility with voters? Recent surveys say that anywhere from 75% to 97% of consumers go online to gather product and company information before deciding which business to choose. These numbers are...

E-campaign: Old school vs. New school

What really determines the success of a campaign, the number of Twitter followers or the number of doors knocked on? As the social media world booms and technology expands beyond belief, many campaigns are stuck with this question. When deciding how campaign money...