13 Times Fetterman Advocated For Decriminalizing ALL Drugs  |  Pennsylvania

Fetterman can’t defend his record, so he’s resorted to lying about it.

Biden ‘an albatross around the Democrats’ neck’ in Texas

Longview News-Journal  |  Texas

Texas Democrats have two opponents in the Nov. 8 midterm elections — their Republican rivals and President Joe Biden.

Republicans see pickup opportunities in blue states

Fox News

Tuesday marks one week until Election Day when a third of the Senate, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, and governors’ offices in 36 of 50 states are up for grabs.

Rubio volunteer brutally attacked while canvassing

Miami Herald  |  Florida

“Someone wearing a Rubio T-Shirt and a DeSantis hat was walking in a neighborhood not far from here yesterday when four individuals assaulted him, broke his nose, broke his jaw.”

Poll Reveals Top Concerns Of Latino Voters, And It Doesn’t Look Good For Dems

‘This makes them … the swing voters of the 2022 election’

Dems’ problem isn’t a bad ‘narrative,’ it’s simply their disastrous policies

New York Post

Democrats told themselves the trillions in new spending they were passing under President Joe Biden would prove a huge winner come Election Day 2022. Oops.

Midterm Elections: 5 Ballot Measures to Watch

As the 2022 midterm elections quickly approach, State Policy Network outlines five state ballot measures to watch.

Another Governor’s Race In A Deep Blue State Moved To ‘Toss-Up’

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) has closed the gap in the polls on Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul in recent weeks, and the New York governor’s race was moved to a “toss-up” Saturday, according to RealClearPolitics. The most recent change comes just a week after the polling data aggregator moved the race from “likely Democratic” to “leans …

Warnock, Walker Clash Over Support For Joe Biden, Scandals

‘Did he not mention that there’s a baby in that room as well?’

Maryland gubernatorial candidates trade barbs in lone debate to decide Larry Hogan successor

The Republican and Democratic candidates looking to replace outgoing Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan sparred Wednesday evening in their only debate of the race with less than a month before Election Day and just two weeks before early voting begins.

‘Lifelong Democrat’ and Former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia Endorses Oz Over Fetterman, Cites Safety of His City

“Dr. Oz is smart, hard-working and a man of integrity who will work tirelessly to make our streets and city safe once again.”

Tim Scott’s Midterm Mission

Biden and the Democrats, Scott continued, have produced record inflation and passed the $739 billion in more spending that Scott will only “pour fuel on the fire.”

‘Shows You What His Priorities Are’: Blake Masters Hits Mark Kelly For Backing Biden’s IRS Buildup

Republican Blake Masters challenged Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) on Thursday over the Democrat’s support for legislation beefing up the IRS with 87,000 more agents while voting against an amendment that would have funded 18,000 more Border Patrol agents. Kelly and Masters faced off in a debate, the first and likely only one in the race …

Masters Gets More Help After McConnell Dumps AZ Race

“The six-figure ad buy in the Phoenix media market highlights Sen. Mark Kelly’s role in a 50-50 chamber ushering in Joe Biden’s agenda.”

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